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Music Reviews: The Definitive Collection – Dalziel

The Definitive Collection – by Dalziel

Stuart Dalziel, a Tokyo-based producer, composer, and Dj from the United Kingdom, has released a fifth EP – The Definitive Collection, a compilation of his published recordings dating back to 2017, and with two added new tracks. It’s a sassy arrangement of Synthwave music blended with a sense of propitiatory aesthetic, which is perhaps influenced by Japanese interpretations of the genre. However, as the album progresses the mood and timbre of the compilation are contrasted greatly by the experimental Glitch from earlier recordings, as well as with the other collaborative offerings. Dalziel has stated on social media that this will be his final foray into Synthwave because he wants to broaden his horizons. It will also be the last album release under the name Dalziel.

Released December 22, 2021. (1). Assault on Omekaido Koban (2). Proxima B (3). Cove Mentality (4). Chains of Tendency (5). Michiko (6). TLO Kaz Mashino feat. Dalziel (7). Game Breaking Glitch (8). Bare Knuckle (9). Boxing Clever (10). Death of the Road Warrior (11). The Jungle (12). Obsidian

Dalziel regularly shares his live performances in Tokyo to YouTube featuring stylish visuals and anime. These recordings are also attractive because they are not monetized and run without commercial interruption.
The Japanese scene and its well-known venues such as Womb and Circus are said to be “thriving” at the moment, and even now during the pandemic. However, American tourists will have to wait a little longer to sample it since the country remains closed due to the Omicron variant


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